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Thank you for visiting my page ♡ I am so happy that we have made this connection. I hope this relationship will continue, both for you who are interested in me and for you who have come to see me. I sincerely look forward to our wonderful encounter.
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While there are many women who are called "healers
The interviewer was surprised at the overwhelmingly healing atmosphere.
Please give me an interview.
With that one word, the interviewer was
the interviewer was more than satisfied with Mirei's atmosphere and worldview.
the atmosphere and worldview of "Mirei".

She has a slender and beautiful body, just like in the picture.
slender and beautiful body.
Beautiful C-cup breasts
The pheromone that overflows from her C-cup breasts
She has a beautiful C-cup breasts that are overflowing with pheromones that make all men fall in love with her.

Her communication skills are also
and sophisticated communication skills.
Her gestures never bore men.
She is a woman of a different class from the rest.
She is a woman of a different rank from the rest.
She is a woman of a different rank from many other women.